Which Career Path in the Culinary Arts is Right for You?

By Culinary Academy Las Vegas February 28, 2017

Which Career Path in the Culinary Arts is Right for You?

Pursuing a career in the Culinary Arts can be very rewarding. There are numerous job opportunities in the thriving food industry. The type of jobs that are available however, depend on your specialization. There are different career areas to choose from, each requiring a certain personality, skill and passion.



The skill level and effort involved in food preparation varies when cooking for a family, a party or a commercial institute. Enjoying cooking at home is a good first step, but there is a lot more to consider.  One of the biggest factors that determines your ability to thrive in a career as a chef is your ability to manage stress. Chefs deal with short-term stress on a regular basis. The ability to adapt to an ever changing set of circumstances is crucial.

Multi-tasking is key. Chefs manage many important things at the same time. Not only do they have to multi-task time sensitive dishes, but they must also manage their staff. Creativity is another essential skill. Many recipes are taken, modified and named something else, but if you have the creativity to make your own recipes, this will define your career.



Cakes, pastries, cookies and pies, always look perfect before we eat them.  It takes a certain personality and skill to create such flawless desserts. Bakers must be detail oriented in order to ensure each tasty delight is perfectly decorated.

Following recipes and exact measurements is a skill in itself, which takes patience and organization. So if you have an eye for detail and can follow instructions, a profession in baking is the area for you.


Kitchen Stewards

If cooking or baking doesn’t appeal to you, but you still crave a career in the Culinary industry, perhaps working behind the scenes as a kitchen steward is for you. Kitchen Stewards play a major role in the restaurant industry, and in most instances carry the reputation of the restaurant.

A kitchen steward must be responsible, diligent, efficient and well organized in order to succeed. Kitchen Stewards must ensure that the cleanliness of the kitchen and dining area is perfect and maintained at all times. Aside from kitchen related duties, the steward is also responsible for the staff and customer satisfaction.


Whether your passion is creating dishes, designing treats, or managing the kitchen, a career in Culinary may be an excellent option for you! Contact The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas and get started today!

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