How The Role of a Chef Has Evolved

By Culinary Academy Las Vegas March 10, 2017

How The Role of a Chef Has Evolved

If you love food, are creative, and thrive on making people happy, then there’s no better job for you than a chef. The role of a chef today is much different than it was a decade ago. Chefs used to be invisible, hiding behind the stove in the back whipping together dish after dish, without receiving much recognition.

The way we think about them now has drastically changed from how we’ve seen them in the past. The role of what we have known as the traditional chef, is long over. This role has been replaced by a career that’s constantly changing and evolving into what we know as a creative and glamorous profession.


Not Just About the Cooking Anymore

Chefs have more power in their restaurants now. The trend of open kitchens are sweeping global cities across the world. These kitchens allow chefs to interact with their guests, and have changed the way entire kitchen staffs operate now. Open kitchens have forced chef’s to change their behavior and work methods.


More than just Food Creators

The role of a chef has become such an important part of many culinary school curriculums. Students learn the art of guest interaction, how to manage the kitchen, and how to enter the industry with a competitive edge. Chefs are the face of their restaurants. They now take the time to walk through their restaurant and engage with guests. Allowing the guests to give their feedback and share their love of food with them. Many chefs today have also taken a different approach in entrusting their sous chefs to run their kitchens during service, allowing them to spend more time in the dining room.

Apart from the Glamorous Side of this Career

Today chefs have a great influence outside and inside the kitchen. They play a role in making the food system more environmentally sustainable, and connect produce to consumers. Chefs have the power in sourcing products, serving food, and operating sustainably.
It’s safe to say that the position of the traditional chef has changed. This position has evolved into a modern day food superhero that influences the food industry and helps pave the way for fresh, young future chefs.

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