Culinary Academy of Las Vegas Offers Hands on Classes for Students

By Culinary Academy Las Vegas February 21, 2017

Culinary Academy of Las Vegas Offers Hands on Classes for Students

The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas is perfect for students with a passion for the culinary arts that are looking to gain hands on experience! Our classes are licensed by the Nevada Commission on Post-Secondary Education, and will provide you with valuable training that is equivalent to one year of job experience!


The Classes

Jobs in the restaurant industry demand long hours, high energy, and attention to detail. The Kitchen classes that are offered at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas will focus upon and build those skills.


Steward Class

In the Steward class, students will learn how to clean and maintain kitchen areas and equipment. Basic maintenance and cleanliness of the kitchen is the responsibility of the steward. Students will also learn how to help and provide assistance to the wait staff.  This knowledge will be beneficial when applying for kitchen jobs,  and will look great on a resume.


Baker’s Helper’s Class

If you have a sweet tooth and an appetite to bake, this Baker’s Helper’s Class is perfect for you! This class teaches students the basic principles of baking, including fundamental techniques and procedures related to a variety of baked goods such as: breads, pies and pastries, cakes, and frosting skills. The techniques and principles of baking come with practice, so what better way to practice and learn than at the Culinary Academy!


Professional Cook Class

Before you can start cooking you must first have understanding of kitchen tools, technique, ,and procedures.  In this professional cook class, students will learn everything from kitchen equipment to plate and food presentation, as well as hot and cold food production to gaining knife skills. All these are essential skills, and will be valuable when applying for future jobs.


Culinary Academy of Las Vegas welcomes all students who are eager to learn, passionate about the kitchen, and love food! Visit our website to check out our classes today.

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