Why Valentine’s Day is a Big Deal in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

By Culinary Academy Las Vegas February 14, 2017

Why Valentine’s Day is a Big Deal in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day of love and the perfect opportunity to showcase your love and appreciation towards your significant other. Regardless of what you have planned on this special day, it is almost guaranteed that your plans include a romantic dinner consisting of delicious food and wine.


Enormous Potential

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for both the hospitality and travel and tourism industry? Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day, it is a holiday with enormous potential for businesses. This day is a great opportunity to attract new guests to your hotel or restaurant. There’s no better time to introduce your guests to special offers and provide them with a romantic and unforgettable experience.

Stay Unique

Individuals, regardless of age, are always looking for the next best thing. They are seeking new special events and unique experiences. For the amount of money they will spend on Valentine’s Day, they expect not only good food, but also a good experience and great ambiance.

Repeat Visitors

When customers visit your hotel or restaurant frequently, it shows that they like what your venue has to offer. For Valentine’s Day, we recommend offering your guests something extraordinary and unexpected to showcase how versatile and unique your business is during the holidays.

Be Creative

Although February may be the shortest month of the year, it is one of the months with the greatest potential. Love may be in the air on Valentine’s Day, but so should your creativity! It’s a time to showcase your creativity and use your skill, imagination, and knowledge to beat the competition! Think about changing menu options and increasing the ambiance to attract more guests to your venue.

Holiday Hours

Make sure you also update your local listings to match your holiday hours! Let your customers know if you are open later, so that they can accommodate overnight stays.


Make everyone fall in love with your business this Valentine’s Day with these simple tips! Regardless of if it’s Valentine’s Day or not, if you are looking to jumpstart your career in the hospitality industry, visit the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas for more information about our classes and job opportunities.

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