The Making of a Great Bartender

By Culinary Academy Las Vegas March 31, 2017

The Making of a Great Bartender

Bartending can be a terrific occupation for the right person. They are responsible for mixing and serving drinks to customers, typically working in bars, restaurants or other licensed establishments. They contribute to the vibe and success of the establishment they are serving at.

The most successful bartenders have certain qualities and skills that lead them to becoming more successful, getting the best tips and making a steady career.


A bartender must be knowledgeable about drinks. Mixology skills are an essential quality of a great bartender. They should know off hand how to make the most common drinks, and if they really want to bring in the tips and impress customers, creating new mixes are handy skills to have as well.


To keep customers happy, having a keen memory is essential. Great bartenders have excellent memories. Bartenders must also remember regular customers’ drinks, as well as what new customers are currently drinking. On top of this, they also have dozens of drink recipes to memorize.

Customer Service

The nature of this job is to serve customers, and a great bartender needs to have outstanding customer service skills. Customer service skills mixed with a good personality will make a very favorable bartender. The most successful bartenders have friendly, outgoing personalities and connect well with customers.

Money Handling Skills

Bartenders also act as cashiers and must possess strong money-handling skills. They should be able to quickly make calculations and give correct change back to customers.


Anything can happen when dealing with customers and alcohol. Therefore, bartenders must be prepared to handle unusual situations such as uncommon drinks or larger than usual crowds. Liquors and wines should always be stocked, and the bar clean and ready for customers.


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