Culinary Academy Instructor Spotlight: Nancy Cor

By Culinary Academy Las Vegas September 26, 2016

Culinary Academy Instructor Spotlight: Nancy Cor

The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas instructor spotlight is on Nancy Cor.

Patient, hardworking and mature are just a few words that describe our instructor of the Guest Room Attendant class. We’re lucky to have Nancy Cor also teach our House Person and Utility Porter classes. Instructor Nancy Cor works with students every day, preparing hundreds for careers in the hospitality industry. One of the best parts of working as an instructor at the academy is the opportunity to share knowledge. She has gained years of experience working as a guest room attendant and house person in the hotel industry. She is happy to share lessons about how to be successful with her students.

“Respect the company you will work for by following rules and procedures.”

“Respect the company you will work for by following rules and procedures,” Cor advises. “Be professional at all times because no matter what you do, without your work position the hotel will not be able to run.”

On a more personal level, this instructor’s philosophy is: “treat people with dignity and respect, look for the good things in people without expecting perfection.” Cor is inspired by those who dedicate their lives to helping others. She demonstrates her dedication through her instruction at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas.

Cor loves her job at the Academy. If she could try a different career for a day, however, she would want to be a singer, feeling and experiencing what it is like to be up on stage.

Through her years at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas, Cor has impacted the community in many ways. She has helped countless students graduate and find great jobs. Cor has a talent. She goes to the hotels of Las Vegas, learns their standards and then comes back to teach her students how to meet those standards. Our students have the upper hand when graduating because they can already meet industry requirements.

Cor plans on continuing what she loves: She going to teach at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas until she retires.

“Come to Orientation.”

If you are new to the Las Vegas community, Cor encourages you to stop by the school. She recommends visiting the campus for orientation. If she could, she would bring you herself. New residents can come into the Academy and explore the options offered. Various choices allows newcomers to find something they are interested in.  Then, students can enroll in and take the courses, starting work in their field immediately after graduation. Join us every Monday at 10 AM to explore the options offered at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas. The instructor under the spotlight says you should.

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