The 5 Best Qualities of Great Chefs

By Culinary Academy Las Vegas October 7, 2016

The 5 Best Qualities of Great Chefs

Are you hoping to be a great chef one day? There are a lot of traits that make chef’s unique, but some of the best chefs share the same qualities. Do you have what restaurants are looking for? Here are the 5 best qualities of great chefs:

  1. Creativity

Cooking is a blend of science and art. There are techniques and skills that need to be learned, but it’s with these skills that you will create dishes that will impress. Being in the kitchen is all about creating new ideas and taking risks. A chef must always be willing to try something new. Creativity inspires a food’s taste and presentation, which is hugely important to the overall dining experience. This creativity needs to be passionate and everlasting, since you’ll be challenged daily in your life as a chef.

  1.  Ability to Work in a Team

It will never be only you in the kitchen. From the first day on the job, to your very last, you’ll be working with plenty of other people in the kitchen. Prep cooks, kitchen assistants, chefs de partie, boulangers, potagers, grillardins, sous chefs and executive chefs – you’ll never be alone. Your ability to work in a team will determine whether or not you’ll be successful in the culinary world. It takes a team player to truly be a great addition to any kitchen staff so being able to know how to work yourself into a group and work well is key to your future success.

  1. Multitasking

You’ll always have something on your to-do list. Being able to handle a lot of things at once is going to be crucial on your journey to being a successful chef. All at once, you’ll be asked to prep vegetables, continue sautéing chicken, and grab ingredients from the fridge, while you’re still working on the tasks assigned to you just a few minutes ago. It’s always go-go-go in a kitchen, and being able to keep a level head while completing multiple tasks is a trait you’ll find in all of the best chefs around the world. It’s a skill being able to manage hundreds of small tasks at once while completing the largest task of all – keeping the customers satisfied.

  1. Attention to Detail

A great chef pays close attention to detail. Cooking is an intricate process of measuring every ingredient and mixing everything together to make a masterpiece. A missing garnish, a steak left on for a minute too long, or a hair in a salad can all ruin an otherwise perfect meal. There are a lot of details a chef must pay attention to and be aware of. Being able to see the finished product, but also recognize which pieces are missing to make it perfect is crucial to becoming a successful chef.

  1. Ability to Handle Criticism

Even Gordon Ramsay still has something to learn; all of the best chefs do. Not everyone will like everything you prepare, and a good chef knows not to take poor reviews personally. Take criticisms as an opportunity to learn and improve your craft. Stay at the top of your game by taking the critiques, and using them to construct an even better version of yourself and your art. Be ready to adjust your style if and when it’s necessary to keep restaurant owners and diners happy.

Having these key ingredients is crucial to your success as a future chef. Keep your eyes on the prize and always work on making sure you have the 5 best qualities of great chefs. Work hard and you’ll be successful. Start your journey with the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas by signing up for our classes. We’ll support you the whole way.

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