Summer Food Service Program

This coming summer, the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas will be introducing its Summer Food Service Program in an effort to give children the proper daily nourishment they need in an effort to end childhood hunger.

It is an unfortunate reality but there are so many children who rely on meals at school during the year as their only nutrition in the day. Sadly, when school is out for the summer these children do not have any meals to rely on, making the days longer and less enjoyable. This is where the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas has come in, to provide anyone under the age of 18 with breakfast, lunch and/or snacks each day from Monday to Friday, June 3 to August 28, 2016.

Sponsored by the Department of Agriculture, the Summer Food Service Program has food delivered daily by the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas to sponsoring sites, so you can be assured that no child will ever have to worry about running short of the proper nutrition and energy need for their day. But in order for the Summer Food Service Program to be successful, your help is needed.

The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas is looking for places willing to host meals. Examples of appropriate places may include schools, places of worship and community centers. The Culinary Academy, with the aid of community partners, is actively looking for sites to host meal services to kids.   The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas will provide the sponsoring sites with free training to ensure a successful program in their site.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to call 702-924-2100 for more information.

In the United States today, according to FeedingAmerica.org, 15 million face childhood hunger and, unfortunately, one in five kids face greater obstacles in reaching their fullest potential. Furthermore, 84 percent of Feeding America client households with children report that, even though there is cognizance of low health content, will purchase the cheapest food available to provide enough food for their homes. Also among Feeding America client households with children, 9 in 10 households are insecure. That’s an alarming 90 per cent!

While hunger is a serious epidemic for any age group, childhood hunger is especially critical as children who are still growing and need nutrition to reach their fullest potential are denied this simply because they do not have enough food to get them through the day. After all, the future of America lies in our children and when hunger threatens the future of our children, it threatens the future of our great nation as well. This is why the Summer Food Service Program is so important and why the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas is playing such a vital role in an effort to help end this epidemic.

So, we strongly encourage you to do your part by being a hero in your community and help us end childhood hunger. We urge you not only to think of the future of America but of the well-being of each and every child. Please consider donating your time and efforts to ensure that no child goes through the day on an empty stomach.

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