Scholarship Recipient Sonia B. Ramirez

By Culinary Academy Las Vegas May 25, 2016

Scholarship Recipient Sonia B. Ramirez

Thanks to its strategic partnership with Findlay Fiat and Findlay Cadillac, the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas is pleased to welcome Sonia B. Ramirez Geronimo into its renowned program. The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas continues to provide scholarships for Nevada residents, especially those who are living with hardships and focused on improving their current situation. Scott Trombley, Findlay Cadillac General Sales Manager, believes the partnership will enable the involved parties to help those who want to improve. “A person who is taking the initiative to change their life for the better deserves all the help we can offer.”

Geronimo is originally from Mexico, but moved to Nevada 20 years ago and is currently residing in Las Vegas with her family. Following a Cake Decorating program, Geronimo discovered her passion for baking. With three baking diplomas, she believes the academy’s renowned program will provide her with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience required to become a professional baker. In addition to her passion for baking, Geronimo is excited to learn from the academy’s accomplished and experienced staff. “I know that every day one learns more and more from professionals.”

Geronimo’s passion for baking and her general excitement towards developing a successful career is one of the reasons why the scholarship was created. Her appreciation is something that will never be forgotten, “it’s great to have the opportunity they’re giving me. Thank you for finding the scholarship, and your support is very important to me.”

For more information regarding the scholarship or the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas, please visit www.theculinaryacademy.org.

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