Providing Hospitality Careers in Las Vegas: Our Partnership with MGM Resorts

By Culinary Academy Las Vegas June 16, 2016

Providing Hospitality Careers in Las Vegas: Our Partnership with MGM Resorts

Few things are more rewarding than contributing to the growth of the community from which we originated. After all, in the famous words of Robert Ingersoll, “We rise by lifting others.” Since opening our doors in 1993, The Culinary Academy has presented a prime example of what it means to live by this adage. In the words of our CEO, Chris Fava, “The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas’ mission is to provide successful hospitality careers in Las Vegas…” by offering thousands of people the training they need to realize their dreams. These careers range from professional cooking to guest room attendance, and cover a total of 12 different job classifications within the hospitality industry. Donelle McClain, a student in The Culinary Academy’s Professional Cook Program states that “the education that you receive [at The Culinary Academy] takes you from knowing absolutely nothing, and it equips you with the skills to be able to go right out in the culinary world.”

Ultimately, by providing this training and increasing the employability of youth, adults, and displaced workers, we aim to contribute to the reduction of poverty and the elimination of unemployment within the Las Vegas strip.

Achieving this vision would be a near impossibility without the strategic partnerships we have developed with some of the largest names on the Las Vegas strip. These partnerships aid us in funding the classes and training programs we offer, and may even provide employment for the academy’s students after they have completed their training. MGM Resorts, a known industry leader in entertainment and hospitality, is one such partner. The relationship between MGM Resorts and The Culinary Academy is one that perfectly demonstrates the ways in which operating for the benefit of the community works to serve multiple interests.

Michelle Ditondo, MGM Resorts’ Senior VP of Human Resources, states that “The Culinary Academy is important for MGM Resorts because it helps [MGM Resorts] meet a need for talent.” Ultimately, MGM Resorts has a consistent need for trained hospitality professionals, and The Culinary Academy, through our classes and thorough hands-on training programs, is able to provide those professionals. Hence, by partnering with The Culinary Academy, MGM Resorts is presented with a great pool of talent form which they may select potential job candidates. Similarly, by partnering with MGM Resorts, the Culinary Academy is able to provide its students with the resources they need to gain the professional skills required to work with hospitality leaders such as MGM Resorts.

Ultimately, the partnership between The Culinary Academy and MGM Resorts is one in which both the organizations involved and the Las Vegas community largely benefit. In this sense, the partnership provides a perfect demonstration of what it means to “rise by lifting others.”

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