Program Highlight | Kitchen

We offer several programs at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas, which allows student to explore the different areas of careers in hospitality. If you are interested in culinary, The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas is the perfect place to learn the foundation of culinary arts and enroll in a few different programs.

We offer a steward class, a baker’s helper class and a professional cook class. Each of these classes allow for a target focus, so when you begin your career in the kitchen, you will have the experience and the knowledge to perform your best.

The Steward Class is a great place to start. If you are already working in the industry, this 140 hour class will help you learn and improve the basics in the kitchen. Students will get hands on experience learning how to clean and maintain kitchen areas and equipment. Students will also learn how to wash dishes, pots, pans and utensils in the most sanitary way, and also learn how to handle chemicals properly. Learning these fundamentals are important for anyone who has an interest in working in the kitchen.

Students who have already been employed in the food and beverage industry, or have had previous steward training within the last 3 years can enroll in the academy’s 180 hour Baker’s Helper Class. If you have a flair or interest in baking, this class can accelerate your career in culinary and teach you the basics of baking and the fundamental techniques and procedures related to bread, pies, pastries, cookies, cakes, frostings, chocolate and sugar. If you have dreamed of becoming a pastry chef, this program will set you on the right path.

For the students who dream of plating beautiful dishes and creating delicious meals for some of the best restaurants that the Las Vegas Strip has to offer, the Professional Cook Class, which is 420 hours longs, will help students get started in that career. In addition to learning the basics about kitchen equipment and line mechanics, students will also get fancy with plate and food presentation as well as hot and cold food products. If you have ever watched a chef or cook, chop food in a mesmerizing way and thought that was something you would love to learn, you will have your chance in this class.

If you want to work on the line or in the back of the house, our kitchen programs will set you up for success. Each of these classes give students a hands on experience and includes ServSafe instruction and certification to enhance their qualifications. The skills they will learn are exactly what the restaurants in the hotels on the strip are looking for. We are partnered with many of these hotels, so we know exactly what they are looking for, which means your career in the kitchen will be ahead of the game upon getting hired.

To learn more about enrolling in one of these classes, you can come to orientation on any Monday at 10am. Registration is not required for this event, and it is open to anyone.

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