Program Highlight | Food and Beverage

By Culinary Academy Las Vegas March 21, 2016

Program Highlight | Food and Beverage

Working a front of house position in a bar or restaurant can be a rewarding and fun job. You will have the opportunity to interact with guests and the possibility to work for some of the most world-renown restaurants and nightclubs in Las Vegas. If you’re a social person and enjoy interacting with guests, the food and beverage industry can be a really great career.

The food and beverage program at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas offers various classes in our food and beverage program. This program will help our students learn extraordinary skills for the front of house positions at some of Vegas’ premier venues.

Students can choose from various classes at The Academy to enhance their careers in the hospitality industry:

  • Bus person class
  • Food server class
  • Fountain worker class
  • Bar porter class
  • Bar apprentice class
  • Wine server class
  • Sommelier class

The classes allow students to learn the fundamentals of the food and beverage industry, and they will also have the opportunity to specialize in specific areas of interest. The Academy has the Westside Bistro at the school, which gives students hands on experience with their area of study. They will have the opportunity to interact with real guests and apply their skills in the hospitality environment.

Our classes ensure students get the necessary training they need to perform their best at their career. From learning how to make the perfect cocktail to basic table etiquette or wine history. These classes are a great way to refresh your knowledge and enhance your skill level if you are already working in the industry, or they allow the entry-level applicant to get a head start on their skill set before they start applying for jobs.

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