Linda Constable- Instructor Spotlight

By Culinary Academy Las Vegas July 25, 2016

Linda Constable- Instructor Spotlight

With her friendly and positive attitude, Linda Constable inspires students at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas to take control of their futures and go after the career they want.

For 11 years Constable has been teaching the Bar Porter and Bar Apprentice classes, training students to successfully enter the hospitality industry.

Her biggest inspiration, Constable said, is watching her students working to better themselves and getting into a better career, and having her students come back to her and say, “if it wasn’t for my help and my class they wouldn’t have the job they have now.”

Seeing her students succeed and knowing that they are here to better themselves, and in some cases to help their families, is Constable’s favorite part about teaching at the academy.

Constable enjoys keeping an eye on the hospitality industry and says one of her favorite trends she’s seen lately is bartenders on the Vegas Strip wearing uniforms that match the theme of the hotel they’re working in.

Constable advises her students to always have a delightful attitude, in class and in the workplace, which ties into her personal philosophy.

“I like to treat people the way I want to be treated,” Constable said.

Away from the academy, Constable enjoys cooking and eating delicious food. Given the opportunity, Constable said she would enjoy being a chef for the day.

Constable encourages all newcomers to Vegas, or those who happen to find themselves unemployed, to attend orientation at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas Monday mornings at 9, to see what the academy has to offer. Constable said that students should spend time finding the class that interests them the most, and then start their training right away. Spending time finding the class that’s right for you will open doors you never dreamed of.

Constable works with all her students to find a job in the area of hospitality that they have trained for, and enjoys seeing her students move on from the academy and into the career they’ve been working towards.

Constable enjoys working with her students and opening doors to careers they never thought possible. To learn from an instructor who cares, like Constable and many others, stop by orientation. We hope to see you there!

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