Culinary Academy of Las Vegas – Radio Show

By Culinary Academy Las Vegas November 17, 2016

Culinary Academy of Las Vegas – Radio Show

88.1FM Radio Show

We had the amazing opportunity to sit down with 88.1FM to discuss our upcoming initiatives here at Culinary Academy of Las Vegas. During the interview we covered a number of topics. In particular, we discussed the increasing job market, the courses we offer, funding availability, trends currently happening within the industry, union benefits and the Westside Bistro. In case you missed out and did not have the opportunity to tune into the interview, here is what went down:

The hospitality industry, especially in Las Vegas, continues to expand. Taking a course at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door within the industry. CALV offers a variety of classes that provides exceptional training that allows you to obtain the necessary skills needed to excel within the world of hospitality. CALV offers classes based on housekeeping, food and beverage, kitchen, English, Servsafe and paid internships. Each course is unique and provides recent graduates with job opportunities and future promotions within the hospitality field.

It is important in reinvesting in your own personal success. With CALV there are a variety of funding options. We highlighted the fact that classes were free for any six month member at one of our partner properties, in addition to the possibility that some funding agencies might be able to help you pay for uniforms of supplies needed for the course.

Within the hospitality industry, we also discussed current and shifting trends. In particular, the farm-to-table social movement in which a growing number of restaurants are promoting serving local food coming from a specific farm, without going through distributors or markets. In addition to the trends regarding small bars vs. mega nightclub venues.

Westside Bistro
The Westside Bistro is a full-service restaurant that offers a seasonal menu which uses local produce and ingredients. It is student operated and serves the freshest of foods on a daily basis. It is opened Monday to Friday for lunch from 11am until 2pm and is located on 710 West Lake Mead Blvd.

The hospitality industry only continues to grow and flourish. The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas offers classes that can provide you with the opportunity to become an expert in all things culinary by giving you the skills and experience needed to succeed within your chosen field. If you are interested in learning more about our courses drop in during one of our orientations which take place every Monday at 10am.

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