A Passion for Cooking

With a passion for cooking combined with dreams of becoming a professional cook, Adilen Rivero Charon enrolled at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas with a purpose. She knew she needed to start somewhere, to learn as much as she could in the kitchen, and that’s how the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas helped.

Charon first came to the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas in 2013 where she enrolled for the Bus Person class. Shortly after finishing the course, she enrolled for Bar Porter and Bar Apprentice, which lasted approximately two weeks. A month later, Charon enrolled for Food Server, which lasted three months. It was during this time that Charon transferred to the Kitchen Department where she was hired as a professional cook. But just four days after finishing the Food Server course, she enrolled for the professional cook course, which lasted just under five months, before wrapping up her training with the Baker’s Helper class from October 2014 to January 2015.

Shortly after arriving to Las Vegas from her native Cuba eight years ago, Charon had her first job working in a child care facility for two years as a childcare worker. She then got hired at Caesars Palace in 2012 as a Guest Room Attendant. A year later, she was transferred to the VIP Suites in the Housekeeping Department. While she was in training there, she was given the opportunity to apply for a professional cook position at Caesars Palace. In addition to her skills, Charon possesses a great personality and positive attitude which led to being offered the position. The rest, as they say, is history as she has been working at Earl of Sandwich at Caesars Palace for two years now.

Charon’s time at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas (CALV) was fulfilling to say the least. In under two years at CALV, Charon completed five courses to enhance her career while achieving her dream of becoming a professional cook. Not only did she enjoy her classes, but her instructors had the utmost confidence that she would do well in the restaurant industry and thanks to the invaluable skills she learned at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas, she is, in fact, doing very well.

She already had the personality and attitude, but thanks to the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas, Charon acquired the skills and expertise necessary to become a professional cook. Charon has blossomed into what she is today, living the dream, her dream, by fulfilling her passion every day – and that is something that the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas has and will always thrive upon.

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