6 Hospitality Classes to Advance your Career

By Culinary Academy Las Vegas October 29, 2016

6 Hospitality Classes to Advance your Career

Looking for courses to help further your career in the hospitality industry? Look no further.

From vocational education to customer service skills, the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas teaches you all you need to know to dominate the hospitality industry. We offer many different courses to help you reach your career goals.


We offer paid internships for recent graduates that are looking to further advance their hospitality skills. These internships fall in the following classifications:

  •      Food server
  •      Professional cook
  •      Steward

The additional hands-on guidance of an internship can allow for advancement into higher-level positions.


Our ServSafe classes teach the basics behind preparing food and serving it safely. Our course outlines are based on the federal food safety guidelines. Some of the topics that are covered in this course include:

  •      Good personal hygiene
  •      Cleaning and sanitizing
  •      Preventative measures to avoid cross-contamination

These topics, in combination with the others covered, will earn you a ServSafe certification that is good nationwide for five years.


We offer both vocational English classes and vocational English for speakers of other language classes. We do this to ensure that each student has the ability to communicate effectively in class and in all fields of the hospitality industry.


We offer two housekeeping classes, Guest Room Attendant and House Person/Utility Porter.

Guest Room Attendant

The Guest Room Attendant course focuses on: Bed making, cleaning methods, proper handling of chemicals, room check, cart loading, safety and bio-hazards. These areas are extremely important in the hospitality industry.

House Person/Utility Porter

The House Person/Utility Porter course will focus on: Cleaning public areas, operating utility equipment, cleaning and maintaining various types of floor surfaces. These areas are extremely important in the hospitality industry.

Food & Beverage

Our food and beverage classes help you hone in on your target classification. The classifications that we offer courses in include:

  •      Bus Person Class
  •      Food Server Class
  •      Fountain Worker Class
  •      Bar Porter Class
  •      Bar Apprentice Class
  •      Wine Server Class
  •      Sommelier Class

Each of our courses focus on the necessary requirements of the chosen classification.


No matter the area of the kitchen you want to work in, our courses will help you handle the heat. We offer courses in:

  •      Steward Class
  •      Baker’s Helper Class
  •      Professional Cook Class

These courses will not only teach you the ins-and-outs of your classification, they will also ensure that the different classifications know how to work together in the kitchen.

No matter what area of the hospitality industry you are interested in, the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas can help. The Las Vegas hospitality industry is thriving, and will continue to do so for years. Our classes provide you with the experience that you need to obtain and succeed in your chosen area.

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