5 Cocktails to Get You Through St. Patricks Day

By Culinary Academy Las Vegas March 17, 2017

5 Cocktails to Get You Through St. Patricks Day

Thinking about hosting a party this St. Patrick’s Day? Ditch the beer today and show off your skills by putting a twist to an iconic cocktail this St. Patty’s Day! With so many different choices out there, it’s hard to pick just one – but here are a few of our favorites that you should try!


Shamrock Juice

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than with Shamrock Juice? Consisting of gin, vodka, rum, tequila and blue Curacao. Fill the glass with ice and garnish it with an orange slice, this bright festive green drink is the perfect refresher. Perfect alongside a plate of salmon or on it’s own, this drink is a must try this St. Patrick’s Day!


Irish Flag Layered Shooter

This shooter is a fun choice for St. Patrick’s Day. This bright green shooter is sweet, delicious, and perfect as a substitute for dessert. The green Crème de Menthe, Irish Cream and Licor 43 mix together to create a unique indescribable taste that is refreshing to say the least.


Green Dragon

This gin based cocktail has an array of herbal flavors.  Sweet flavor with hints of black licorice. This fun drink typically uses Crème de Menthe, Kummel and notes of orange bitters.


Minty Mint

This St. Patrick’s Day inspired drink is rum based with flavors of mint, caramel, and molasses. This sweet drink is light and goes well with lamb or chicken dishes. It’s perfect for cooling off, and the minty flavor makes it the ultimate drink for cold weather.


Irish Coffee

And last but not least, what’s St. Patrick’s Day without an Irish Coffee? This is a classic cocktail. Consisting of coffee, Irish Whiskey, and Irish cream. Skip the dessert or have it with a piece of cake. Either way, this drink is a must-try this St. Patty’s!


Regardless of if you’re Irish or not, this holiday is a great excuse to get into the spirit and celebrate by having a few drinks. Want to learn how to make drinks like these and put a spin on your own? You’ll learn everything you need to know and become an expert at making drinks when you take the Bar Porter Class and the Bar Apprentice Class at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas! Contact us today to inquire about our classes!

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