Our training provides the vocational education, employability basics, language support, and customer service skills needed to obtain and succeed at a job in the hospitality industry.

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Call (702) 924-2105 or come to orientation, offered every Monday at 10 a.m. in our events center.

Our classes are licensed by the Nevada Commission on Post-Secondary Education, and employers consider the training equivalent to one year of job experience. We offer free upgrade training to eligible hospitality workers from participating properties, enhancing their skills and earning capacity. In addition, we develop and deliver customized on-site training for properties to meet specialized needs.

Our training emphasizes not only the relevant technical “hard” skills but also the “soft” skills necessary for success in the hospitality industry. We encourage students to have a positive attitude, as well as excellent communications and guest relations skills.

Incumbent Worker Course List

Incumbent Course List 04-2016 (download)

CALV Classes

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The Academy offers recent graduates the chance to continue


Open to incumbent workers at participating properties: This class


Vocational English for Speakers of Other Languages Applicants for


Guestroom Attendant Class Length: 70 hours and 4 hours

Food & Beverage

Bus Person Class Length: 112 hours (includes ServSafe instruction


Steward Class Length: 140 hours (includes ServSafe instruction and

Career Planning

Whether you are new to the hospitality field or you currently work at a participating property on the Las Vegas Strip, the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas can help you develop your career. Choose from 12 different classifications of vocational training, depending on your interests and experience. The entry-level classifications—bar porter, bus person, fountain worker, guest room attendant, house person utility porter, and steward—require no experience. The remainder—baker’s helper, bar apprentice, food server, professional cook, sommelier, and wine server—require six months of relevant experience. To enroll, you must be 18 years old (21 years old for certain classes) and eligible to work in the United States legally. Our classes, ranging from two weeks to three months, are structured to be short and intensive to allow you to begin employment or advance in your career as quickly as possible.

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